DepCoS-RELCOMEX 2007 Papers

Semiformal Approach to the IT Security Development
    Andrzej Białas
Evaluating the Combined Effect of Vulnerabilities and Faults on Large Distributed Systems
    Manuel Cheminod, Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti, Luca Durante,
    Riccardo Sisto, and Adriano Valenzano

Evaluation of MDA/PSM Database Model Quality in the Context of Selected Non-Functional Requirements
    Iwona Dubielewicz, Bogumila Hnatkowska,
   Zbigniew Huzar, and Lech Tuzinkiewicz

An Overlay Simulator for Interdependent Critical Information Infrastructures
    Sandrine Duflos, Alpha Diallo, and Gwendal Le Grand
The Influence of Relations among Different Levels of UML Diagrams onto Software Maintenance
    Dariusz Dymek and Leszek Kotulski
Multi-Version Information Technologies and Development of Dependable Systems out of Undependable Components
    Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Vladimir Sklyar, and Andriy Volkoviy
Assurance of System Consistency during Independent Creation of UML Diagrams
    Leszek Kotulski and Łukasz Fryz
Information Systems Metamodels Developing for Providing Structural and Semantic Interoperability
    Mikhaylov Ilya Sergeevitch
Using Distributed Multilevel Agent-Based Monitoring Technique for Automated Network Modelling Approach
    Katarzyna Nowak and Łukasz Bagrij
Dataflow Analysis of Distributed Programs Using Generalized Marked Nets
    Victor Toporkov
Investigation Multi-State System Reliability by Structure Function
    Elena Zaitseva and Vitaly Levashenko


Methodology and Tools
Supporting Compliance with Security Standards by Trust Case Templates
    Łukasz Cyra and Janusz Górski
Transient Fault Detection in State-Automata
    Bernhard Fechner and Andre Osterloh
Duration Calculus for Analysis of Fault Trees with Time Dependencies
    Paweł Głuchowski
Technique for Analyzing Items Reliability by Simulating their Behaviour over Time Intervals
    Igor Ladygin and Sergey Yankov
Testing Duration Systems Using an Approximation Method

    Lotfi Majdoub and Riadh Robbana
Error Prevention, Detection and Diffusion Algorithms for Cryptographic Hardware
    Maciej Nikodem
Requirement Centric Security Evaluation of Software Intensive Systems
    Reijo Savola


Dependability of Computer Networks
Detection Methods of Dynamic Spammers' Behavior
    Radoslaw Brendel and Henryk Krawczyk
Experimental Comparison of Automatic Tools for the Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
    Manuel Cheminod, Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti, Luca Durante,
    Riccardo Sisto, and Adriano Valenzano

Methods and Tools for Reasoning by Analogy in Intelligent Decision Support Systems
    Alexandr Eremeev and Pavel Varshavsky
An Approach to Change Availability of the Service by Adding Forecasting Module to Firewall
    Przemysław Krekora
Dependability Analysis of Reconfigurable Information Systems
    Przemyslaw Krekora and Dariusz Caban
Intrusion Detection and Internet Services Failure Reporting System
    Przemyslaw Nowak, Bartosz Sakowicz,
    George Anders, and Andrzej Napieralski

The Basics of Methodology for Estimation and Choosing Parameters of Multi-Service Telecommunication Systems
    Vladimir Shirokov
Reliability of E-mail Delivery in the Era of Spam
    Tomasz Surmacz
Incident Detection and Analysis in Communication and Information Systems by Fuzzy Logic
    Tomasz Walkowiak and Tomasz Wilk
Maintenance Policy of a Network with Traffic Reconfiguration

    Wojciech Zamojski and Dariusz Caban


Software Security and Dependability
Dependability in Software Component Deployment
    Meriem Belguidoum and Fabien Dagnat
Metrics for Object-Oriented Design Focusing on Class Inheritance Metrics
    Kadhim Breesam
An Artificial Immune System Approach for Fault Prediction in Object-Oriented Software
    Cagatay Catal, Banu Diri, and Bulent Ozumut
Towards Reliability and Fault-Tolerance of Distributed Stream Processing System
    Marcin Gorawski and Pawel Marks
A Hardware-Based Software Protection Systems-Analysis of Security Dongles with Time Meters
    Ireneusz Jozwiak and Krzysztof Marczak
VoIP Availability and Service Reliability through Software Rejuvenation Policies
    Vasilis Koutras and Agapios Platis
Error Recovery Problems
    Artur Lesiak, Piotr Gawkowski, and Janusz Sosnowski
Analysis of Timing Requirements for Intrusion Detection System
    Jan Magott, Pawel Skrobanek, and Marek Woda
A FMECA Framework for Service Oriented Systems Based on Web Services
    Andrzej Zalewski
Verification of Component Behavioral Compatibility

    Wlodek Zuberek and Donald Craig


Methods of Efficiency Enhancement of Network Interaction in Distributed Systems of Virtual Reality
    Vasily Kharitonov
Problem of Model Selection for Estimation of Equipment Remaining Life
    Henryk Maciejewski and George Anders
Building a Predictive Model from Data in High Dimensions with Application to Analysis of Microarray Experiments
    Henryk Maciejewski and Łukasz Konarski
Development of Distributed Planner for Decision Support Systems
    Anna Nedelina, Alexander Eremeev, and Wolfgang Fengler
Performance Analisys of System of 3D Scenes Networked Parallel Dynamic Visualisation
    Dmitry Orlov
Modeling Changes in Maintenance Activities through Fine-Tuning Markov Models of Ageing Equipment

    Jarosław Sugier and George J. Anders
The Effect of Large Clock Drifts on Performance of Event and Time Triggered Network Interfaces
    Dawid Trawczynski, Janusz Sosnowski, and Janusz Zalewski
Discrete Transport System Simulated by SSF for Reliability and Functional Analysis

    Tomasz Walkowiak and Jacek Mazurkiewicz
The SCSI Interface Conformance Tests Generation
    Slawomir Zielski and Janusz Sosnowski
Methodology for Analyse of Networks Performance
    Leonid Abrosimov